Be Stronger,
Live Longer!


What if one simple program could reboot your metabolism, enliven your brain, turn back the aging clock, support your gut-microbiome, create new energy, improve your mood, and get your muscles into better condition?

This revolutionary program sets true holistic health as its benchmark.

Check out the video to see what LimitlessLiving™
is all about!


Even if you aren’t concerned about “getting into shape,” you probably want to:


Lose some of that weight around the middle


Stop feeling tired & have more mind & body energy


Feel young, move gracefully, live more


Prevent age-related
body & mind decline

Is the idea of putting in endless hours at the gym – or staring down another kale salad – not what you’re looking for?

You know you want to feel better, lose some extra weight (especially around your middle!), have more mental clarity, improve your bone health, have more energy…

But the road from where you are to where you want to be is confusing. Where do you start? Results are what you want in the shortest amount of time - and in a way that won’t leave you feeling deprived or injured!

How do you make the lifestyle changes that truly pay off and have them “stick”?

You’re exactly in the right place. Aging does not have to mean less vitality. This LimitlessLiving© Program applies groundbreaking insights - neuro-activation, cellular metabolics, gut-microbiome, and endocrine support  - combined into "anyone can do it" movements for optimal muscle strength, stamina, and elasticity.  Coupled with targeted nutrition, here is a state of the art experience that brings results like never before.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:


• Meticulous Video Demonstrations
• Detailed Printed Instructions
• Entertaining Health Perspectives
• World-Renowned Expert Guidance


Custom, targeted nutrition supplementation (35-years clinical practice - optional, discounted purchase)


Life Enhancing Info:
• Lifestyle Videos
• WellnessWizdom© Notes
• Dr. Ben SolutionSeries©



“Impressed With What This Program Can Accomplish…”

“The LimitlessLiving Program seems basic—breath-work with stretching that strengthens muscles—I was surprised after the enjoyable 28-min session, I found my muscles had obtained a worthy workout and my brain and energy were very invigorated. When I peeked ahead, I was truly impressed with what this program can accomplish. I’m on my way to being a believer in this well-rounded program’s benefits.”– G. Tyler, San Antonio, TX

Let’s Face It

Many people ages 38-95 are part of a global pandemic of people who cannot get the most out of life due to age-related muscle loss and the damaging impact that has on the brain, cellular health, energy and longevity. As we age, our bodies naturally change. But if you want to hike and bike, horse around with the grandkids, and still be able to walk the next morning, you can’t let aging get in the way.

If you know that you’re not as strong as you once were, then “feeling your age” is the first warning sign that weak muscles can impair every aspect of your life.  THERE's NEW EXPECTATIONS based on science! You can now realistically plan on being active and vital, even when you cross the centenarian milestone!

“A Sedentary
Lifestyle Is The New

Reality Check: Weak Muscles . . .


Cause Fatigue

So you’re more likely to stay put on the couch instead of heading to the park to relish being vitally alive, ride your bike, and enjoy your kids and grandkids

Layer 9

Cause Aches & Pains

Ever wonder why you’re so sore even when you didn’t do much? Here's why! Weak muscles are slower to heal and reduce the quality of your life.

Layer 10

Create Poor Moods

Weak muscles can mean that you’re losing your zest for life. Brain neurotransmitters become sluggish. The 'lights' become dim.

Group 7

Create An Unsteady Gait

When you’re unsteady, you don’t want to walk - and you feel you’re becoming accident prone.

Group 7 copy

Lower libido

All body systems are interconnected. When you’re spending too much time sitting, your sex drive and enjoyment suffers.

Group 7 copy 2

Have More Fat, Less Muscle

The waistline shows it. Elastic pants aren’t the answer! Muscle loss is real - but doesn’t have to be! It's easy to harness their metabolic engines!

“I Found What I Call ‘The Real Deal’!”

“I met Dr. Ben on referral from WellnessWiz Jack and in both these practitioners, I found what I call the real deal — health professionals that put the patient first and bend over backwards to ensure success of the natural health improvement process. In my case, these guys are miracle men and were a turning point in my life. I’ll share a secret, WellnessWiz Jack has an incredible sense of humor and Dr. Ben has a knack of cutting to the essentials and making them understandable. Together they are terrific teachers and guides.”

– M. Crosby, Austin, TX

Layer 14

The LimitlessLiving Program


This program is fully customized to YOUR specific needs, desires, and abilities. It’s implemented at your own pace. You'll never be left in back of a crowded gym wondering what to do next! (Or trying to follow an exercise instructor who’s half your age and could moonlight as a pro football player or cheerleader!)

Imagine all the fun changes in your life when you get up off the couch and into motion! Go ahead - more golf, more travel, more bowling, more hiking, more biking, more life! Now imagine that you have a simple, do-able, proven program  that is customized to your unique body, needs, and desires.

Let’s mention even more benefits of the LimitlessLiving™ Program:

  • Look and feel better with more energy
  • Lose weight (clothes fit better)
  • Walk gracefully with glide in your stride
  • Improve cognition (mental clarity & memory)
  • Improve virility and libido
  • Reduce stress (more joy in life)
  • Less pain (freedom to do more in life)
  • Maintain better metabolic balance

And of course, more energy to do the things you love! (More fun, more experiences!)

The Creators


“I Was Born With A Genetic Auto-Immune Disease That Severely Limits My Ability To Exercise…”

I loved playing football in school. I loved being an athlete and encouraging my body to be its best. But soon, I didn’t have the stamina or strength to play sports. While grateful for medical intervention, I wasn’t offered any viable solution for recovery and health improvement.

After struggling with my health – and severely missing playing sports – I knew there had to be a better way. I searched for a solution that would help me feel better and give me freedom to exercise. I soon embraced the Natural Health practices of diet, supplementation, and became a Chiropractor, Yogi, and Neurology expert.

After a lot of research – and being my own “guinea pig” to know what would REALLY work – I developed methods to optimize time spent on body maintenance and created the SolutionSeries™ as part of the LimitlessLiving Program. I was really interested in getting relief from localized pain and physical degenerations in specific areas, like in my wrists, hips, knees, etc. It wasn’t just a “wouldn’t it be nice…” type of research and discovery. It was a MUST-DO to create a graduated program that is effective based on how the body performs various actions in life.

Together, WellnessWiz Jack and I offer the most efficient and comprehensive program available as we include the advantages of neuro-activation (exercises that get the brain re-involved with the muscles), gut-microbiome (the gut-brain-muscle connection for metabolic balance), energy-enlivening breath-work (East meets West) that revitalized the body and mind, all supported with the brilliant nutritional advantage of supplements.

This works for me and I know it will work for you. Today I’m fit, have a strong body, excellent flexibility and wonderful stamina. My great joy is sharing this message of LimitlessLiving with you.


“I Didn’t Realize I’d Become A Sedentary Geek!”

My exercise story is the blank page. Meaning “shamefully nothing.” Bolstered by excellent nutrition and supplements – the forté of my years of academic training, research, and love of books and writing – I didn’t realize I’d become a sedentary geek until a group of friends said "sure!"

My life was often sitting at a desk every day for hours to write books and consult with people. Sitting on airplanes. Sitting to read. Sitting to relax. Sitting! Sitting! Sitting! I was so (dare I say it – lazy!) I would float in the pool instead of swimming. Sarcopenia caught up with me. My prior benchmarks of strength, e.g. carry 100-lb bags of organic fertilizer, pull a 75-lb bow (archery), were no longer my capabilities. Something had to change and it had to change FAST! I was turning into a weak old man in front of my eyes.

The scientific research about Age Related Muscle Loss kept hitting me right between the eyes: exercise or die. Soon I made the commitment. Exercise is essential for life, and I got off my duff and back into the buff zone in a few months of gentle, regular exercise and nutritional supplements.

I consulted with various experts, read the latest information and reviewed many studies to learn the facts and latest techniques. Loss of strength, flexibility, and stamina is a direct threat to life, personal freedom, and the ability to hike the wild lands – things that bring great meaning to my life.

Today, I celebrate how great it is to be healthy, happy, and have a body that can experience and enjoy an active, healthy life. At age 67 I hiked the Kalalau Trail on Kaua’i’s NaPali Coast: so glad for this wonderful body that can still walk the road less traveled, and I plan on a repeat performance 10 years from now!

Together, Dr. Ben and I provide what no one else and no other program offers: a truly holistic, comprehensive system for safeguarding and maintaining your muscular and overall health (glucose balance, cardiovascular health, gut-microbiome health, cognition), so you can enjoy a body that’s strong, flexible, with great endurance to experience the very best that life has to offer! Together, we invite you to begin a new phase of life: one filled with energy, vitality, capability and physical freedom. After all, life is for living!

datis 3

Dr. Ben Anderson is featured in Dr. Datis Kharrazian's book "Why Isn't My Brain Working?". He maintains a busy chiropractic practice in Austin, Texas with a special focus on the body's neuro-connections and self remediation.

Book Cover Montage-page-001

Wellness Wiz Jack [PhD, CCN] is the Author of 16 books and hundreds of articles and research reports. He has lectured with Anthony Robbins, Dr. Deepak Chopra and specializes in detoxification, gut microbiome, and genetic testing for nutritional applications.


Your Wellness Needs Are As Unique As Your Fingerprint

…Which is why this program is so transformational!

It all starts with determining exactly what YOU need. Your first step is taking the proprietary Personal Self-Assessment Questionnaire which helps maximize your experience using key nutritional supplements. Developed by WellnessWiz Jack, based on over 33 years of clinical practice, the Questionnaire:

Address your core supplement foundation so that you experience the maximum muscle nutrition, minimize soreness, enliven mitochondrial energy, and have targeted support for your muscle activities.

Delivers cellular nutrients to help your body’s normal, natural processes for effective muscle performance so you get the most out of your journey toward better health, stronger muscles, and more vitality.

Helps choose which of Four Advantage Plans will stoke your cellular fires and provide the best nutrients so that you can achieve your individual health and energy goals.

When you take the Personal Self-Assessment Questionnaire as part of your StokedSystem’s “LimitlessLiving™ Program”, you’ll be saving more than $959.00 in lab tests to derive similar insights.

Gene Testing: To further customize and enhance your program (and your results!) a variant gene test analysis is an optional addition. A quick oral swabbing is all that’s needed. Your genetic raw data is analyzed for key challenges such as your:

Vitamin D3/K2 metabolic efficiency.

mTOR (mechanistic Target Of Rapamycin) – part of the muscle building pathway.

Satellite cell performance (anabolic activity potentials).

Detoxification potential (CBS, MTHFR).

Glucose metabolic processes.

Glucose metabolic processes.

Mitochondrial energy and endoplasmic reticulum protein process.

In development – More information about this option provided to members.

Both the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and the Gene Test Option, support individualization of your nutrition program.


Muscles Love To Breathe, Stretch & Be Strong. Muscles Love Burning Fat For Energy.

The program provides you day-by-day guidance through a marvelous 9-week journey where you focus on maximum results with minimum risk of injury, in the minimum amount of time.

28-minute/day exercise routines (videos, step-by-step photos, and guide-sheets) overhaul your muscles, enliven your energy, burn fat, and have all the benefits that come from an active lifestyle – but didn’t know how easy it is to accomplish!

No need for weights, medicine balls, kettle bells, skin-tight work-out pants (unless they make you feel like you're a teenager again), talcum powder, climbing walls, tractor tires, or boxing gloves. Come as you are!

Better health in 3 parts: STRETCHING, STRENGTH, and STAMINA. You'll soon have it all! Every week builds for the next, and every week addresses all three of these topics but goes in an order that’s proven SAFE, CORRECT, and PROVEN.

Layer 18

“My Doctor Was So Impressed With My Diet And Exercise Commitment Because It Shows On My Lab Report…”

“How easy is this! I can do this program practically anywhere – terrific because I travel frequently for work and never miss a stride. Further, my doctor was impressed with my diet and exercise commitment because it shows on my lab report. – C. Chavez, San Antonio, TX

THE SolutionSeries™

Targeted Support For Your Weakest Links

This is a 4-part, specific-focus program for the top 4 areas of the body that wear out too soon or have the most symptoms.

The Elbows, Wrists & Hands

The Neck, Shoulders & Thorax

The Low Back & Hips

The Knees, Ankles & Feet

You’ll choose one module to receive the benefits of over a decade of clinical bodywork, and a lifetime of personal fitness development by Dr. Ben Anderson.

You’ll focus on your weak links to strengthen any “problem areas” that can negatively impact your overall health and energy.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. And you may not have realized that areas were the root cause of so many aches and pains!


Muscles Love To Breathe, Stretch & Be Strong. Muscles Love Burning Fat For Energy.

We know that creating a healthy lifestyle and cultivating simple new habits doesn’t happen without support. That’s why you’ll enjoy the short HealthTips Videos that pack a life-changing punch . Dr. Ben and WellnessWiz Jack accompany you through your program every step of the way and share the pearls, the fun, and myth-busting information to enhance your experience and results.

“It Works!”

“It works! I already exercise an hour a day—something I started when I needed to do physical therapy after an auto accident. I simply devoted 28 minutes to the LimitlessLiving program, religiously took the supplements, and included my own regimen of free weights and cardio. I’ve discovered I had muscles that were not being addressed by my routine and that, while being considered ‘buff’, I was not well balanced. This program was easy for me, yet it improved my body composition, took a little tummy flab away, so I can attest that this program provides quality exercises that pay off much better than quantity. It’s taking my PT work to a new level.”

– T. Jackson, Round Rock, TX


Lifestyle Videos and WellnessWizdom™ Archives. In addition to your daily, guided regimen, you’ll have access to a host of valuable video discussions and downloads by WellnessWiz Jack and Dr. Ben. A sampling of these fascinating topics includes:

Are You Aging In Dog Years? (And how to stop it!)

The Goldilocks Principle (Custom-Designing Your Physique)

The Breath of Life (0xygen & Ch’i Enlivens Muscle Cells)

Once You Finish Your Program, Now What? You’ll have all the experience and tools to maintain your muscles for life. You’ll know how to capitalize on your new muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina; and enjoy your favorite activities. You'll have your inner fires making energy and you cellular machines running more efficiently.

How To Triple Your Exercise And Not Even Know It!

Body Composition – More Important Than Strength!

Intestinal Microbes & Bone Health

Boost Your Brain Power!

Ask Yourself …

How do you feel right now?  Are you feeling tired? Rundown? Achy?  Are you tired of having your mind say “Yes! I want to do that!” only to have your body be unable to perform? How many times have you gotten up in the morning being just as tired (and stressed) as you were when you went to bed? (That’s IF you even slept through the night at all!) How many times has the doctor told you that you need to make a change – and you want to – but you’re just not sure how to make the whole-body, integrated lifestyle changes you know you need to make?

Science says when you take control of your health, you’ll take charge of your:

Normal Glucose Balance

Mental Acuity

Aging Symptoms

Aches and Pains

Cardiovascular Health

…And you might just finally be able to enjoy, truly enjoy:

Longevity's Wisdom

Youthful activities

Happier Mood

Greater Wellness

Better Quality Sleep

Normal Hormone Balance

Mental Clarity & Memory

Reduced Rate of Aging

Skin Health

Increased Libido and Sexual Performance


More purpose

Layer 20

That’s what you get with“LimitlessLiving™ Program”
– It's only $997 (Lifetime access.) A tool for life! Click below. Get Your ButtonGear! Your Vital Life Beckons.

What if you could have the muscles, mobility, and results like Charles and Jennifer?

Layer 21

“I Was Diagnosed, Some Time Ago, With Rheumatoid Arthritis At Age 70.”

“Not only does this condition cause pain and stiffness, but, to my unhappy surprise, my body became so weak that I almost could not get out of bed without help, and I was so debilitated that I literally could not pull a blanket up to my chin without a huge effort.

When I started with the LimitlessLiving™ program by consulting with WellnessWiz Jack, I used a little one-pound squeezy ball—not to squeeze, but to perform arm-curls! That was all I could manage. I now do curls with 15-lb kettle-bells, and can say that this is the best physical shape I’ve enjoyed in 20 years, which is a giant pay-back from the program.

Working with WellnessWiz Jack has been life-changing for me, not just in regaining my muscle strength and range of motion, but now I can say that I’m in GOOD SHAPE, feel strong, and have little difficulty doing any daily activity.

This regimen of exercise and strength-building has resulted in a terrific feeling of vitality, and a positive mental state — both necessary for full enjoyment of this wonderful life.”

– Charles Hayden, Tularosa, NM

Layer 22

“I Have Worked With Multiple Very Well Known Nutrition And Fitness Coaches And Never Come Close To Achieving My Goals, ’Til Now.”

“Working with WellnessWiz Jack Tips has taken my muscle development to the next level. I feel better than I ever have physically/mentally/emotionally and have been able to attain the physique I have wanted for years. I have worked with multiple very well known nutrition and fitness coaches and never come close to achieving my goals, ’til now. Thank you so much!”

— Dr. Jennifer Hailey, Competitive Body Builder

With Results Like That...

...you'll understand why people pay them $15,000-$20,000 to customs design programs. But here, for you, you can have is for much much less. How much less? First, ask yourself how much it's worth to you to have more energy and to know that you are building, day by day, better overall health and longevity?

Or consider this: How much is a gym membership with initiations fees, monthly dues, and having a personal trainer put you through your paces (easily $3,000-$4,000). Not to mention, the gas expense and time lost to driving.

Most people easily see that this program is worth $5,000... Just look at the incredible components.

Save $110!


3 payments $369


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know this will work for me?
A. Like any program, it only works if you DO IT. But… if you do it, it’s virtually fail-safe! You will get results.

Q: I’m really busy. How do I find the time?

A. Um… how many hours of TV are you watching a day? Or how many hours are you sitting and scrolling the Internet or playing with your phone? Now imagine taking JUST 28-minutes of your day and using them to follow a proven system that will overcome the aging process and support other body systems, metabolism, brain and heart function, aging processes, obesity, etc. Besides Dr. Ben and WellnessWiz Jack make it fun! S

Q: I see that the LimitlessLiving™ Program is a membership. How long is my membership good for?
A. You will have access to the program forever!

Q: What is my access to personal customer service?
A. This is a very well-thought-out, online program. And yes, our phone number is there, too – BUT we know that inevitably, with 7 billion people in the world, someone will have an important question or occurrence. If such an occasion arises, all you need to do is fill out the Customer Service form on the website. We’ll get back with you right away. We love to get to know you and help.

Q: I’ve invested in other “exercise” programs before and they’ve never worked. Why is this one different?
A. Because the “LimitlessLiving™ Program” is all about a holistic approach to improving your whole body biological age. It’s not about a once-and-done exercise video; this regimen is about tapping into cells and every part of your life and lifestyle to make the changes you so desire.

Q: Is this program suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers?
A. Yes. More than suitable, it’s optimal.

Q: Why don’t the supplements come with the program?
A. Even though the supplements are essential for the best outcomes for the program, they are an additional expense that varies based on your questionaire results. Your one supplement purchase is for the duration of the entire 9-week program.  Reluctantly, having them “optional” allows people who cannot take (or cannot afford) supplements to claim the advantages of the LimitlessLiving™ Program’s insights, exercises, and benefits.

Q: Can one purchased program be used by my entire family?
A. Yes. It’s a terrific family time to support each others’ health and fitness. And a great warm-up to a family bike ride, walk around the block, or picnic. Each family member will need their own Questionnaire and thus will require an individual email address. You’ll love having the “exercise buddies”!

Yes! I’m Ready To Get All The Experience And Tools To Maintain My Muscles For The Next Hundred Years And To Increase My Vitality RIGHT NOW!


Consider This:

Can harnessing the power of your muscles and doing these simple, common sense, comprehensive, state-of-the-art activities be an answer to becoming biologically younger, increasing energy, lowering your risk of disease, and tightening a belt notch or two?

You betcha!  Not only because we’re living it. Not only because we say so. But because cutting-edge science says so!


Save $110!

Only $997 to become a LimitlessLiving Member! $110 OFF the 3 Payment Plan!

3 Payments $369

Start using the LimitlessLiving Program TODAY for just $369 per month for 3 months!