You did it! A tally of your proprietary questionnaire data reveals that your muscle’s best nutritional advantage is: PLAN E


Supplements Included in Plan E:

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Your Plan includes all the Core supplements, custom-built and specifically designed to gently and effective help maximize your muscles normal, natural repair, maintenance, and well as supporting your muscles’ metabolic activities. PLUS you now have additional supplements that support how your muscles interact with:

  • Gentle, balanced (non-manipulative, non-contraindicated) adrenal, liver, and thyroid support,
  • Your brain’s innate, nutritional/neurological requirements,
  • Support for cell membranes, mitochondrial energy production, and many general nutritional requirements of healthy cellular metabolic activities.
  • And we did not neglect to include key elements from the other 3 Plans, but here you’ll focus on the advantages of Plan E.

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If you want to get started with your Week One exercises, you can do that; but we recommend that you wait to receive your Advantage Plan supplements first. You can start working now with your SolutionSeries(™) bonus selection and put some attention of your “weak link.” Then let the arrival of your Advantage Plan E supplements drop the green checkered flag on initiating your 9-week program.

Best wishes and thank you:

WellnessWiz Jack & Dr. Ben